About Us

"Life is a banquet & most poor suckers are starving to death" and "A place for everything & everything stylishly in its place" are two of our favorite sayings and sums up LOVE & MOXiE.  We believe in living in the moment, surrounding yourself with things that make you smile, and being organized so you can find your stuff when you need it, which makes life just a little bit easier!

You see, after my mom was diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer's, we became roommates and were determined to live our lives to the fullest on our own terms.  We upended our lives; I left my 15+ year career in law enforcement and we moved from NYC to Savannah, GA. LOVE & MOXiE was born from our desire to raise Alzheimer's awareness while enjoying time together doing things we love like creating.

Fusing mom's love of color & texture and my love of organization & all things sparkly, we create small batch handcrafted accessories imbued with moxie to corral life's bits, baubles, & things, making life easier while bringing a smile to your face. 

LOVE & MOXiE hopes to inspire others living with Alzheimer's and donates a portion of each sale to CaringKind - leaders in Alzheimer's  & dementia caregiving and an organization instrumental on our Alzheimer's journey.  Their workshops for caregivers were invaluable to me and the support groups and specialized programs at their Early Stage Center reassured my mom there was still a lot of quality life ahead and she could live it on her own terms. 

Life is short, live with moxie!