Charmed Life - 5 Unexpected Ways to Use Bag Charms

Charmed Life - 5 Unexpected Ways to Use Bag Charms

You can never have enough bag charms, that's our motto!  They don't cost much and a fab one can bring a smile to your face and be super functional to boot.  We also love a monogram, adding initials to anything makes it more special and uniquely your own so an initial bag charm just makes us swoon - so easy but so impactful.  Read on for some ways you might not have thought to use bag charms.



Well of course the obvious one is using it just as that, a bag charm. But behold the power of the humble bag charm, it can make your old bag new again by adding something sassy like this HUSTLIN' graphic in millennial pink or what about an initial in Old English typeface on a tote like this for an unforgettable grad gift.  Personalized, this tote is perfect to send them off into the work world in style (bonus, this tote's reinforced riveted handles can hold a laptop).  Fun fact: this classic sporty denim tote is two a good way, it's reversible with vegan leather metallic gold on the other side!  Another Fun Fact:  all our tote bags come with a grommet especially for attaching our bag charms - check them out.  The smile a fun bag charm brings is great but what if it was functional too, we've got you covered with our mini mini clip on bags, clipped to a bag it provides quick and easy access to those necessities that often get lost in your bag.  We use ours to hold our hand sanitizer, it would also be great for holding your mask, earbuds, change, lip gloss and hairbands, you get the point - what would you put in yours?




Ok, here's another fairly obvious use - key chain.  Add a splash of personality to your keys and make the ordinary more extraordinary - and who couldn't use a little extraordinary in their life, I know I can, my 2021 is feeling more like 2020!  Added bonus, you won't grab the wrong keys while running out the door!  I don't know about you but we have a bowl on our entry table full of keys, and the only way I know which ones are mine is because this bright yellow winking smiley face beckons me to the right ones - thank goodness, now if it only stopped me from being late!  Plus you don't have to just use it to corral your keys, you can corral all your swipe ID badges, those discount key fob cards for the pharmacy and grocery store, or anything else you want to keep organized.  We use ours in the studio to corral our boring acrylic sample tiles, not only does it keep them organized, it makes us and our clients smile when we whip them out - win win! 





You might not have thought of this one - luggage tag.  Laser cut from thick 1/4" premium acrylic and with its durable gold twist closure cable it's perfect attached to your suitcase so you can easily find it in a sea of black bags (ok, perhaps this suitcase wasn't the perfect bag for the sea of black bags but you get the picture - hahaha).  Or give your favorite bag added swag points and that - this is definitely not your bag, hands off - vibe.  Fun Fact: our acrylic bag charms are available in two fun fonts - one even has the choice of lower and uppercase.  We love options - check them all out here!




 Ok, now this one you might not have thought of - hostess gift.  Zhuzh up an ordinary hostess gift and make it something they'll truly remember by adding an initial charm to the neck of a bottle of their favorite wine or spirit.  Bonus points - attach it to a great spirit that is locally produced like this cocktail infusion from Drink Fête a small woman owned local (Savannah, GA) company.  Be sure to keep on hand our fun non-initial bag charms for impromptu gift giving.  


You get bonus points if you thought of this one!  Add a bit of panache to your decor by hanging them from door knobs or lamp switches.  You can add to your Christmas tree (your family initial in Old English would be posh) or give an initial bag charm as a first Christmas ornament.  A fun addition is adding one to a gift wrapped package for that personal above and beyond touch. It's like the gift before the gift.  We love an initial bag charm for this one, for that I really thought of you even if it's the gift topper for the same fab candle (your favorite one from that great local shop or maker) you gave to everyone in the office. 



Check out all our bag charms (including initials, we have three fonts to choose from!) - with so many styles and available in 9 colors the possibilities are endless and you'll want more than one!  Oh and you'll definitely want to stock up for those situations when you need a quick gift.



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