Creativity Without the Clutter: Our Favorite Organizing Hacks & A Look Inside Our Studio

A sneak peak into how we make our magic and moxie without the mess . . . most of the time ;)

As creatives, we’re big into the idea that our workspace can have a major effect on our creative process as a whole. As much as we hate to admit it, that pile of fabric scraps in the corner we manically tore through at 1am or the graveyard of sketches that never made it to production don’t do us much good at the end of the day when we’re trying to maintain a productive headspace.

In addition to staying organized, having elements in your own studio or workspace that inspire you are essential. All inspiration purposes aside, enjoying and taking pride in the space you create in serves as a push on its own when it comes to keeping clean. Whether you’re looking for a little inspiration of your own, or just curious as to where it is we make all our snazzy goods, here’s a look into some of our favorite details and doo-dads that make our a eclectic little studio our preferred spot to work and play!


One of the easiest and most effective ways to transform a space and add a dash of personality is paint! Anyone who knows us knows we’re mad for plaid, so it’s no shocker that we wanted our walls to say so, too. Take it from us, with paint, patience, and a whoooooole lotta painter's tape - anything is possible.

storage, storage, storage!

bins & baskets - This one may seem like a no brainer, but being mindful of choosing the right size and style of your storage bins is key when it comes to elevating your space! From organizing drawers to stylishly corralling bolts of interfacing, shipping supplies and sewing essentials we use bins & baskets EVERYWHERE. One of our favorite "hacks" to concealing our less visually appealing tools & materials (we're talking about you shredder) is a good ol' basket with a lid. TJ MAXX is our favorite haunt for bins & baskets of all sizes.

upcycled candle jars - We can't wait to burn through a new candle these days, and we'd be lying if we chalked it up to a sweet fragrance or dimly-lit ambiance . . . repurposing candles as small storage containers is one of our favorite hacks! You can easily do this with a few simple steps found in this quick vid. It's even more fun to customize with a cute label or a fun phrase ;) !

IKEA kallex system shelves - These guys are more diverse than meets the eye, and a fabulous way to incorporate fun displays staging your favorite pieces into a storage unit. You might not have guessed it at first glance, but we've stacked three vertical shelving units on their side to maximize our space - leaving us with loads of room for display and storage, with the addition of removable drawers.


There's no denying that having a large, open space for any and all productive purposes is ideal. With lots of DIY magic (. . . and caffeine) we were able to repurpose multiple furniture pieces and materials into the perfect workspace.

Adding a wooden base and wheels to our table gave us the extra height and mobility we need, but our favorite addition is undoubtedly the acrylic top! This not only ensures for a wipe-clean, unified surface, but allows us to easily decorate the table top and keep inspo' flowing from all angles.

Not owning any power tools besides a drill, Home Depot is our spot for custom cut wood.

clothing racks

Given that we are constantly collecting vintage and second-hand goodies to upcycle into our fabulous bags and accessories, it’s no surprise this was a must-have. Keeping all those thrifted treasures out in the open (vs stuffed in a bin on behind a closet door) allows for constant inspiration from all the color, patterns, shapes, and details.

P.S. - These serve as an awesome (and cheap, we grab these at Target for under $10) storage and display piece, even if your creative process and/or workspace has zero need for clothing and fabric. From baskets and bags to plants and string lights, there is loads of flexibility if you've got the eye for it!

upcycled art

If you haven’t heard us say it 100 times, we’ll say it one more - we’re inspired by color, patterns, places we’ve visited, people we love, and all the fun stuff in between.

As much as we love a good thrift, we totally understand that decorating your entire space from solely upcycled decor can take loads of time or feel a bit restraining. A gallery wall is an awesome way to fill your space with a little bit of everything - from that expensive print you splurged on to an old painting from Grandma’s living room to last week’s Goodwill purchase. You’d be surprised how easy it is to elevate just about anything with the right frame and wall companions!

Our walls our covered with art from our favorite wall calendars, pages from coffee table books, old memorabilia, push-pin boards, and DIY pieces - even my raid jackets from my time in law enforcement are framed and hung in our studio, always reminding me of where I've come from and what I've accomplished.


We put all the bits n’ bobs (clasps, rivets, logo tags, runaway thread . . .) in our handy - and super cute - trays all over the studio. There is truly no odd or end that a tray can’t corral, which makes this a super quick and easy way to look a smidge more organized than the smokin’ hot mess you are . . . or at least we are ;)

“Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!”
… life is short, live with moxie!

We hope some of our studio pics n' tricks sparked some inspiration on your end! We love to stay in touch with fellow creatives - click below to join our emailing list, or contact us directly with any questions, to visit our studio or to just say hi!

Cheers! Danielle & Renée